Mayan Rebirth | Reconnect and live a Mayan rebirth



On this new excursion, you will come to know the best place on earth; your inner self. This tour combines ecotourism in the State of Yucatan with activities based on "Positive Psychology". Live this magnificent experience where you can feel and enjoy the natural beauty of Yucatan in a totally different way. You will feel a connection with the natural elements that form us, this in turn accompanied by activities that help the entire contemplation of the here and now.

Our goal is to provide you tools to learn to enjoy life with a different vision and experience. This tour focuses inviting activities to help you enjoy your own life. You will discover the light that is inside you, you will be filled with energy and motivation to heal those existential voids that overwhelm us all.

Stress, overwork, fixation by the routine of life for a productive system and society itself, have generated a world full of grand desires, emotional chaos in many social spheres (family, friends, work, school, etc.). This in turn results in toxic and chaotic relationships. With many people the lack of motivation, disinterest and depression are increasingly present thanks to all these factors. With this tour we intend to help you reconnect with your inner self. The activities will help you to know your spiritual self, your connection with nature and your ancestral life. This will strengthen you emotionally, fill you with meaningful experiences and help you to face with wisdom, any difficult life situation that may be occurring.

With an organized approach, these activities help to strengthen ties with co-workers, forgive ill-treatment, as well as enter into a process of self-motivation, change the organizational environment in a positive way, and provide tools for a life-based approach with leadership and proactivity.

People who live this experience will know the fundamental basis of empathy from an ancient Mayan approach called "inla'kech halan ken" (I am fine, as you are well), an ethnic vision where people have the worldview that everything is connected to one, therefore the people and the natural life around us are connected with ourselves. This vision of universal union has been repeated in various Eastern cultures, and has helped psychologists to create tools to improve social and personal relationships.

Do not miss this opportunity to live this fascinating experience, meet our experts who will guide you to reconnect with yourself; live a Mayan rebirth, start that change that you need so much and that you have looked for so long. Come and live happily.

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  • Departure from your office, school or hotel at 7:00 am
  • Transportation with A/C
  • Entrance fee to the Mayapan archeological site
  • Integrate nature with your human being through Yoga
  • Professional Psychology guide
  • Mayan musical instruments are used to symbolize the elements of nature used in a therapeutic manner
  • Techniques based on positive psychology
  • Healthy snacks
  • Lunch
  • Return at 16:00

Not included:
• Sodas
• Tips

Bring hat or cap, comfortable clothes, running shoes, bathing suit, and biodegradable sun block and repellent.

This tour operates with minimum 4 people, however contact us for availability.


Departures: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m