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Puuc Route and Loltun




Puuc is the Mayan name given to a series of low-lying hills with a unique culture and style.

Uxmal, as has already been mentioned, is one of the best examples; however not far away are other delightful places which were also, in their day, important Mayan centers.

Some characteristic elements of Puuc decoration include pyramids finished with crest work, small, false columns embedded in the facades, and drawing of stylized Mayan huts. Repetitive geometrically cut stones and motifs are commonly used. Other figurative components also appear, such as snakes and masks of the rain god Chaac, recognized by his bulging eyes, large fangs and snout like nose which curve upwards like trumpet.

Several cisterns of chultunes in this area serve to collect rainwater. These are the only source of storage for this vital liquid. The reason why Chaac is held in such high esteem and representations of him abound: the Mayan population worshipped Chaac ,to ensure sufficient rain.


The tour starts at the entrance of Nahkab, or beehive, where the famous bas¬relief known as “The Loltun warrior” is located, which seems to be emerging from the caves and is believed to be the God of the underworld.

Another attraction of great interest is the cave paintings: in a wall one can see negatives of hands, in another one there are more elaborated paintings representing faces, animals and staggered greca patterns.

In the diverse halls, galleries and chambers , almost 60 meters deep and extending over more than 700 meters, diverse archaeological pieces, ceramics, stone artifacts, marine shells and petroglyphs have been found, corresponding to the Mayan culture in different stages of development.



  • Departure from your hotel at 8:30 a.m.
  • Transportation with A/C
  • Certified Guide
  • Visit to Loltun, Sayil, Labna and Xlapack
  • Return to your hotel at 6:00 p.m.

Not included:
• Lunch
• Beverages
• Entrance fees to archaeological site
• Entrance fees into Loltun caves
• Tips

Bring hat or cap, comfortable clothes, camera, bathing suit, towel, and biodegradable sun block and repellent.

This tour operates with minimum 4 people, however contact us for availability.


Departures: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.