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Diving | In cave, single dive




In general, the caves are formed in a manner similar to the cenotes, but there are some places where water table is very deep, so they are kept dry the cavities formed by seepage and landslides.

Water tanks may originate from them by the runoff from the walls and the water cannot have the same level as neighboring cenotes. The diameter of the inputs is commonly less than the sinkholes.

The water is usually found near the lateral margins only, as the rocks that have fallen from the vaulted ceilings have been raising the floor level in the center.


By tradition, cenotes are a distinctive insignia of the natural Yucatecan landscape. Sunlight filtering through the cracks in the rocks and projecting into the transparent water is a visual banquet for nature lovers.

Cenotes vary in size and shape according to their location. They can be as irregular as the sunken ground that makes them possible. Some are open in the form of a lake or pool, other cenotes, are half hidden in the caverns, still other cenotes are completely enclosed except for the sprinkling of sunlight through the cracks above and some are only accessible by following underground passages.

Although no two are alike, cenotes share certain characteristics. The water is cool and fresh since it emerges from underground deposits. It is clear and rich in flora and fauna giving rise to an ecosystem in almost perfect balance, and spectacularly beautiful.

As well as their exquisite natural beauty, cenotes have an important archaeological value and are perfect for ecotourism activities, such as cave diving, submerging and penetrating the cave depths, exploring sub aquatic galleries, and finding your way through the labyrinth of underwater tunnels is an unforgettable experience for any enthusiast.


The best caves in the world are found in Yucatan. For those who want to venture beyond the cave and explore the underworld of the Mayan flooded caves. Mayan Ecotours gives you the opportunity to do so in an environment of safety, professionalism and fun; where we assure new knowledge and unique experiences and unforgettable adventures. If you have a Cave level certificate, do not miss the opportunity to explore and dive the caves of Yucatan with us.


  • PADI or other world recognized certification (indispensable).
  • Preferably with more than 25 dives registered.


  • Two immersions in a beautiful cenote
  • Transportation in vehicle with A/ C
  • Certified diving Cave Guide (Full Cave) with first aid
  • Support with people and land surface
  • Rescue Team, ropes, carabiners and rappelling equipment
  • Diving Equipment: DOUBLE TANKS with manifold, belt
  • Leads
  • Submersible Lamp 50 Watts with 3:00 hours FAMI
  • Soft drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • We have oxygen, first aid kit and training for proper use
  • New knowledge and lots of fun!

Not included:
• Food
• Tips